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Documenting finishes is about to get

A platform to help you create, edit and publish your finishes schedules with ease.

Join the next wave of architects

Dont waste any more time trying to format your spreadsheet after yet another revision.
Take a look at the features below that are going to make your life easier.

A central dashboard

All your schedules in one place

See all your active projects in, when they were last updated, who has worked on them, outstanding to-do’s or reminders, and all in one place.

Products in clicks not hours

Save, update & search all your finishes in your online library

Don’t waste any more time clicking through folders trying to find the product you thought you saved. With Finishes, once you add a product or finish, it’s fully searchable, allowing you to find it in seconds not hours.

Work together

Discuss and review inclusions right in the schedule

Not sure which finish to specify? Need approval? Easily discuss and comment right in the schedule. Get the headstart on review meetings by giving your feedback when it suits you.

Build product specs intuitively

Import products from other sites – no more copy/paste!

Nobody likes data entry. We are working to build a quick and intuitive importer so you can spend less time documenting and more time designing – simply browse your favourite suppliers, find products, tell us the URL and the platform will fetch the images and data for you.

Don’t miss a deadline

Set reminders and stay in control

Waiting for feedback, contacting suppliers, confirming availability – there’s a lot to keep on top of. Set reminders and notes on products you’re working on, and avoid missing important deadlines.

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A sneakpeek of the platform

We know our words and illustrations are nice, but you probably want to see it to believe it.

Type directly in the page

Just like a spreadsheet or word processor, simply point, click and type straight into your schedule.

Include (or hide) fields with ease

Keep all your information in one place – it just makes sense. However, if you want to only show certain bits of information on a certain schedule or revision, just hide the field.

Move products by simply dragging and dropping

That time you just had to change the order of a single product from the project, only to spend (what felt like) hours re-aligning everything – with Finishes, simply drag drop and you are done! Boom!

Frequently Asked Questions

We always have questions when finding new tools to use, to help you, we have listed a few we think you may have. 

If you need any more information, please contact us via the button below, and we will be happy to help!

When can I start using Finishes?

Really soon! We’re nearly finished building our first release of the platform.

To save you having to come back and check each week, we can email you the day we release.

Click here to recieve updates.

Why are you building this?

It just makes sense, right!

We know the groans and eye’s roll each time anyone mentions making a finishes schedule – we know they are awful to make in a spreadsheet or word document. We want to make it easy and quick so you can get back to doing the stuff you enjoy – designing!

What will it cost?

During our early access phases – $0, nothing, nada, zero, zip!

Want to have early access? Apply here.

Once we launch there will be subscription plans available, don’t worry though – we will give you plenty of notice before this point.

Can I customize my templates?

Yes, but right now it’s pretty limited as we want to release the platform sooner.

You can upload your own logo so that your documents align with your brand. We will be building extra functionality so you can create a suite of branded templates, so your documents always look on point.

I'm a supplier of architectural products. Can I get involved?

Absolutely! Imagine a world where Architects can find your products, request more information or enquire about availability, and with a click, include your product in their project. That’s what we’re building.

Please contact us so we can include your products when that aspect of the platform is ready.

Does Finishes work on all browsers?

When we officially launch – yes! For now, whilst we’re finishing off the first build, we are doing our best to test all browsers but it’s best to use Google Chrome. Mac or Windows – both will work.

Our Partners

Finishes is proud to be building our platform in partnership with Google for Startups, Fishburners and the Sydney Startup Hub.

Fishburners is Australia’s largest community of tech startups, based within the Sydney Startup Hub.

Finishes is built upon the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the same future-proof infrastructure that powers Google. GCP allows us to provide worldwide access to Finishes supported by incredible resilience and speed.

Want to save time making finishes schedules and templates?

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