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Finish the smart way. Add your own preferred products and finishes, or search our growing catalog of external suppliers.

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Finish the smart way. Use a central platform to build and collaborate on your projects.

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What is Finishes

Finishes is a online schedule generator enabling architects, interior designers and building professionals to quickly and accurately build finishes schedules and FF&E's. Not only can you build your own private product library, you can also search external suppliers, and with a single click, add products into your schedule.

Need to create a revision or variation?

No more saving duplicate files or emailing copies, use the Finishes workflow to create and track all revisions.

Once your project is ready generate, your schedule as a PDF for distribution.

With Finishes you spend less time creating support documentation and more time designing.

Collaboration is key. Everyone in your team works off the same platform and can see all changes immediately.

Produce schedules faster and smarter, as well as keep your team happy as they forget the old-school  pains of copy/pasting into spreadsheets.

Quickly generate, clone, or copy work areas. Reorder areas and products simply by dragging them. It's not rocket-science, we've just built it as it should have always been. 

We are only getting started and have big plans. More features are being added as fast as we can build them.

Type directly into the page

Just like a spreadsheet or word processor, simply point, click and type straight into your schedule.

Drag and drop to reorder

Need to move things? We understand the pain of copy/paste just to reorder. With Finishes, simply drag, drop and you are done.

Show or hide fields with ease

Keep all your information in one place - it just makes sense. However, if you want to only show certain bits of information on a certain schedule or revision, just hide the field.

Plus many more features:

  • Upload images in moments - no more cropping, resizing, scaling or aligning.
  • 1-click to create a new revision - no more saving multiple files, or accidentally editing an incorrect version.
  • 1-click clones - worked on a similar project in the past? Use it as a starting point.
  • many more features in the pipeline. Have an idea you'd love? Tell us and help shape finishes to serve you best.


We are building Finishes to be your favourite platform but we need your feedback to achieve this. During our beta period, as a thank you for your feedback, beta users get full access to the platform completely free!